Natural Gas Project for İstanbul

Natural gas project for İstanbul ;  

First of All İGDAS is company which established for distrubiting of natural gas in İstanbul.

And Demirkıran Engineering is authorized by İGDAS for all process about natural gas operations or projects.

Natural gas project ; It is designed by Certified Mechanical Engineers of IGDAS  Certified Firm Demirkıran Engineering and installed by the firm’s authorized plumbers adhering to the project. Your drawn project is then approved by İGDAS if it complies with the technical specifications.

This process can be annoying with wrong company selections or non-authorized company selections.


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By our customers frequently questions ;

In how many days is the natural gas project approved?

How does the process work?

In how many days is the natural gas project approved?

We receive that questions in the form of the answer to this;

Natural gas project for İstanbul drawing process contrary to the general belief, instead of long processes, our company accelerates the process and makes the project approval in 1 day and your natural gas suitable for use in 5 days.

Natural Gas Installation Project

You have moved to a brand new flat for the natural gas installation project and if you are going to start using gas yet, you must have a natural gas project drawn by IGDAS authorized companies. If the route of the furnace or combi boiler line has been changed after the renovation, IGDAŞ will again request a project drawing.

Please contact us to project your natural gas renovation.

When our customers reach us for the natural gas project drawing, the authorized Mechanical Engineers and technicians of our company come to the residence where the project will be drawn for free exploration within the same day, and after the discovery is made, the project is drawn in the computer environment and sent to IGDAS for approval. After the project is approved, an appointment is made for the nearest date. Then, İGDAŞ comes to check whether the natural gas installation and the project comply with the technical specifications. If there is no deficiency, the official supply of your natural gas will begin.

Natural gas project drawing is controlled by IGDAS in Istanbul.

Note: Our natural gas project drawing processes are drawn in accordance with the technical specifications.

Regions that will benefit from Natural Gas Project service (Kadıköy,Ataşehir,Erenköy,Göztepe, Sancaktepe, Pendik, Kartal, Yakacık, Uğur mumcu, Soğanlık, Maltepe,  Çekmeköy, Tuzla, Ümraniye, Üsküdar, Sarıyer, Beşiktaş, Eminönü)

Did you just buy your home or do you want to renovate your home?

If there is a natural gas installation in your apartment but there is no combi boiler, if official gas has not been provided by İGDAŞ, you are in the right place. You are at the right address to handle this process in the easiest way.


The project service to be presented to you is drawn by the Authorized MECHANICAL ENGINEERS of IGDAS AUTHORIZED COMPANY (authorized natural gas company) DEMİRKIRAN ENGINEERING, and the process is followed up until the end. All the services you are looking for regarding natural gas are provided in our company.

*All Brand Combi Boiler Sales – Combi Boiler After Sales Services (Combi boiler installation – natural gas project drawing – official gas opening – and all other deficiencies, changes in natural gas)