Combi Boiler Exchange Form

İGDAŞ : İt is a company established to provide natural gas infrastructure , distrubition and operation for İstanbul .

Demirkıran Engineering : Our company is engineering company authorized by İGDAŞ to meet the demands of customers .


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Combi Boiler Exchange Form
If you have changed a combi boiler in your flat or office, it is a document issued by authorized engineers required by Igdas to start the warranty of your new combi boiler.
This form can be provided by authorized engineers of our company.
This form is valid if the capacities of the combi boilers are the same and the current location of the combi boilers has not changed. Otherwise, the project of your consumption is required.
The service of the newly purchased combi boiler will request this document, which has been approved by İGDAŞ. If there is no  replacement certificate, the service will not start the warranty of your new device.

With the Combi boiler Exchange Form, you are notifying İGDAŞ about this change made in your flat. Again, for this situation, you get permission and approval from İGDAŞ for İstanbul.

Our company and our company engineers are authorized by İgdaş.


Demirkıran Engineering is a Natural Gas Authorized Company

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Frequently asked Questions

1-) How many days does take this process ?
Our company is solves this process as quickly as possible and makes your form ready in one day. It is valid for all Istanbul districts, including Istanbul Anatolian Side and European Side, as well as the Islands and Şile regions.

2-) Is it obligatory to get the Combi Boiler Replacement Permition Form ?
İGDAŞ definitely requests that notification for the combi boilers that have been changed. This approved document will be requested by the service of the combi boiler you have just purchased.İf there is no exchange permit certificate, your service will not initiate the warranty of your Combi.

3-) If the combi boiler you are changing is a second hand combi boiler , is it obligatory to get the Form?
With that Device Change Certificate, You Notify İGDAŞ about this Change Made in Your Flat. Again, for this situation, you get permission and approval from İGDAŞ.

The regions we serve for the İgdaş Device Exchange Certificate;
Islands, Arnavutköy, Ataşehir, Avcılar, Bagcılar, Bahçelievler, Bakırköy, Başakşehir, Bayrampaşa, Beşiktaş, Beykoz, Beylikdüzü, Beyoğlu, Büyükçekmece, Çatalca, Çekmeköy, Esenler, Esenyurt, Eyüpsultan, Fatih, Gaziosmanpaşa, Güngören, Kadıköy, Kağıthane, Kartal, Suadiye, Bostancı, Üsküdar, Fatih, Küçükçekmece, Maltepe, Pendik, Sancaktepe, Sarıyer, Silivri, Sultanbeyli, Ortadağ, Sultangazi, Şile, Şişli, Tuzla, Ümraniye, Üsküdar, Zeytinburnu

In other words, it is valid for all Istanbul districts including the Anatolian Side of Istanbul and the European Side, as well as the Islands and Şile regions.

Please contact for boiler installation, natural gas project drawing processes and boiler prices.

NGP – Demirkiran Engineering Authorized by İgdaş İstanbul – Certificate Code 700 44 02   –   0216 452 08 08 – 0554 941 49 15 

İndividual customers residing ,which have residence permit or have flat ,office in İstanbul should contact our company .